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Ground transportation passenger

Ground Transportation

Travel agents can book reliable ground transportation with Get-e. In just a few steps, you book the service at a fixed price. Users can book several transfers in one booking. Prices are all-inclusive and visible before making a booking. Besides an agent portal, our services are also available via Amadeus and Travelport.

"Get-e takes care of all our transfers globally"

Global airport coverage

A partner with a global coverage

Get-e provides airport transfers in 110 countries. Clients can book transfer services at more than 900 airports worldwide. We only contract companies that are audited by our network team. At the Get-e destinations, you can book transfers with sedans and minivans. All Get-e partners provide meet and greet service when requested.

Compliant partners

Compliant Partners

All our suppliers are compliant with strict safety and security policies. Our network team performs on-site checks of the vehicles. You can find all supplier information in the Get-e portal.

Get-e suppliers

Reliable Suppliers

Get-e visits destinations before adding them to the network. This is a standard part of our approval and selection procedure. All suppliers at a destination comply with a strict SLA.

Disruption network

Safe Rides

Our network team audits all Get-e suppliers. We seek references from independent sources, like hotels. By taking surveys, we keep track of the suppliers’ performance.

Airport transfer technology

The innovation solution for airport transfers

Bookers and passengers receive real-time updates. This includes flight delays and traffic issues. The system will send out updates to all the necessary stakeholders. For the updates, we use email and SMS messages. The messages sent by Get-e include the following information:

  • GPS tracking by drivers with the Get-e driver application;
  • Custom pickup description, describing where to meet the driver;
  • Driver details, including name and phone number, and plate number.
Non emergency medical transportation Gps tracking


All bookings made with Get-e can be GPS-tracked. Bookers can track the airport transfer via the Get-e portal. In the portal, you have a live view of the vehicle. Passengers receive a tracking link via SMS.

Real time updates

Live Updates

Stay up to date on the booking status. After you confirm the booking, we send a booking confirmation email. 30 minutes before the pick-up, we send an SMS with driver information and a GPS tracking link.

System integrations


Get-e is integrated to book transfers with Travelport and Amadeus. Clients can request a direct airport transfer API integration. With a custom integration, you can book our service in your own systems.

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A central solution to book airport transfers in 110 countries

Support for your transportation

Experienced professionals around the clock

Our operations team works 24/7 from our Amsterdam HQ. Our team is your single point of contact. From the initial booking to completing the ride, we take care of it. You can rely on us to handle any issues like flight delays. After you confirm the booking, Get-e’s 24/7 support center will take care of everything.

Centralised contact

Multilingual Support

You can always rely on our global transportation experts. Get-e is committed to providing 24/7/365, customer support. Our team helps you in English, Spanish, Dutch, and German.



Our control teams monitor all rides and take preventive actions. Our agents solve situations before they occur. This approach increases the overall performance of the airport transfer.

Ad hoc requests

Ad-Hoc Requests

One contact for any last-minute request or unexpected event. Our control center is 24/7 available to manage your ad hoc requests. When you are busy, you can rely on the team to take care of your booking.


Clarity without surprises

There is no longer a need to contract multiple transfer companies worldwide. This frees up resources in admin and back-office processes. Receive a uniform invoice from Get-e for all journeys. Much easier than multiple invoices from many different suppliers.


Consolidated Invoices

Receive all invoices in your preferred layout and currency. Let us know if you prefer a collective or a single invoice for your transfers. We work with your internal requirements.



Get-e’s prices contain no hidden extras and no management fees. All prices are shown to the booker at the moment that you book the transfer. Get-e only provides you with invoices that match our agreements.



Connect and upload the transfer invoices in your systems. Invoices are paired based on order or reference numbers. This reduces your workload and saves time in your back office.

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Ground transportation data export

Manage, track and control your ground transportation data

In the Get-e portal, you can export all ride data. A single click will download an excel file with all information. The data range selector helps only to include the data you need. The excel contains passenger details, routes, and costs. Clients enjoy having a single source for all their management information.

Non emergency medical transportation Data export

Data Export

An export feature is available in the Get-e portal. Use CSV (comma-separated value) files to perform this kind of bulk task. Edit the CSV files to spreadsheets by using programs like Excel.

Non emergency medical transportation Co2 reporting

C02 Reporting

Get-e provides clients with CO2 reports. This helps to calculate the emissions of taxi services. Based on your needs, we provide you with a quarterly or annual export. If you prefer a monthly overview, that is an option as well.

Non emergency medical transportation performance


Our MI provides clarity on the performance of your airport transfers. The data you receive will spotlight any issues. Our teams help clients to increase overall transportation performance. 


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