Airline crew accommodation
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Revolutionising airline crew accommodation solutions

Get-e’s innovative and flexible accommodation solution delivers value and efficiency for airlines and their crews.

transportation audit

Strategic sourcing

Maximise savings through expert market sourcing and strategic negotiations. Matching the best quality suppliers to meet airline requirements and specifications in a single solution for crew hotels and transport.

Tech innovation

Smart-tech solutions

Use our expertise to seamlessly integrate the Get-e hotel solution to deliver a streamlined provision for all airline stakeholders.

Centralised contact

Operational excellence

Devoted to your crew’s well-being, our 24/7 Amsterdam based Operations team is always available to provide expert support.


Invoicing simplicity

Effortlessly manage crew accommodation and invoicing through our centralised system, reducing administration burdens, optimizing processes, and offering real-time expense insights.


Transparent partnership

Cost-based models that are customisable to your requirements with clarity of pricing and no hidden fees or commissions.

We make it happen

Crew health and safety

Our focus on crew health and safety includes fully audited suppliers and online tracking of crew transport for extra duty of care. In addition, the crew can utilise online reporting tools for feedback on their experience.


Simplified crew accommodation management for airlines

Airline crew accommodation supplier network
Accommodation management

How does Get-e help the airline?

At Get-e, we strategically manage your hotel procurement, unlocking exceptional accommodations for your crew worldwide while driving substantial cost savings. Our relationships with hotel chains, strategic sourcing methodology, and centralised system streamline operations, frees up valuable resources for airlines.

How does Get-e benefit hotel managers globally?
Airline crew accommodation solutions
Smart-tech solutions

Get-e's technology-driven solution

Customised for your airline, our Hotel’s Platform streamlines crew bookings with seamless API integrations for automated scheduling based on your rostering system.

Updates management: Manage hotel booking changes for informed and accommodated crew.

Booking overview: Quickly view reservations, room allocations, and updates for efficient oversight.

KPI reporting and dashboards: Optimise travel experiences with intuitive dashboards and KPI reporting for informed decision-making.


Our team will get you the best offers in the market

Airline crew accommodation operational team
Operational Support

Assurance for crew with 24/7 support

Rely on our experienced team for always available assistance, adept handling of last-minute requests, thorough additional check-ups, and convenient contact options across various channels:
 By email (, by phone, or by chat in our portal.

Contact our operations team
Airline accommodation Invoicing and administration
Invoicing and administration

Streamlined invoicing: centralised efficiency

Transform crew accommodation invoicing and administration with our platform. Eliminate manual processes and gain real-time insights into expenses.

Automated reconciliation: Easily align invoices with crew bookings, eliminating discrepancies.

Currency flexibility: Choose your preferred invoicing currency, ensuring transparent and compliant payments.

Consolidated statements: Combine multiple invoices into a single statement for streamlined payment management.


What airlines should know about Get-e crew accommodation?

Get-e offers multiple booking options to suit your needs, like manual booking through Hotel Platform, API integration, or scheduled bookings based on crew lists. We cater to diverse organizational requirements and ensure efficient booking processes.

Get-e services crew accommodations worldwide, with established global network. We actively participate in RFIs and RFPs for new destination, ensuring you have access to the best options.

On top of basic accommodation, Get-e also provides additional services for your crew like upgrading amenities, flexible check-in/check-out, meals, and crew transportation.

Our 24/7 operations team can be contacted through the chat functionality in the booking tool. Alternatively, contact us by email (, or by phone (+44 203 856 8655).

We can invoice in all major currencies.


We are happy to inform you about our service

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For any urgent matters, please get in touch with our 24/7 support team:

+44 203 856 8655

We value your privacy. Your personal information is confidential and is not sold to third parties. Get-e uses this information only for communications related to the services provided by Get-e International B.V.