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Last night a transportation company saved my life

December 14, 2020

“You are lifesavers”. This was the message of thanks we recently received from one of our airline customers.

The situation

The client had mistakenly booked Airline Crew Transportation for the wrong day. On receiving a message from the crew that their transport had not arrived, our on-the-ball Operations Team, swung into action and a vehicle was sourced and sent to pick up the crew. The vehicle arrived within 15 minutes of being informed of the situation by the crew.

Ask anybody who works in Airline operations or ground handling and they will all likely have a horror story to hand of delays to flights and unhappy Crews caused by a simple failure to pick up the Crew on time – some remain traumatised by the experience! Airline Financial Managers will be able to give chapters and verses on the associated cost impacts.  

So apart from having a multi-lingual, operations support team of transportation professionals available 24/7 to rescue situations, what can be done to limit these occurrences?

The solution

Working on the principle that prevention is better than cure, Get-e is a transportation company that blends smart automation with proactive, hands-on, customer service to provide solutions:

  • Get-e’s online booking platform includes a smart dashboard overview that has access to real-time information such as flight delays and traffic issues, which updates all necessary parties.
  • Unique time-zone management features enable ease of use around the globe; removing the possibility of errors when making bookings in different time zones. One of our airline customers estimated that this feature alone saved thousands of Euros in missed take-off slots from the late-arriving crew. 
  • All rides are monitored by our operations team through GPS and drivers are contacted if there is inactivity or lack of responsiveness prior to the designated pick-up time. If required, another driver is allocated. 
  • The Get-e booking platform can also be integrated with customers’ systems providing real-time visibility of both flight and driver information for users and travelers alike.
  • All bookings are carried out by drivers who have downloaded the Get-e driver app. The booking platform dashboard uses email and SMS to provide GPS tracking information of drivers, custom pick-up destinations, and full driver details.

An important factor in ensuring that the service for the crew is delivered without a major failure is the quality of the transportation company used. Get-e’s Network team sources the market for the best suppliers with the most competitive prices. Previously, any significant implementation for a new customer would involve Network Team managers on the ground, visiting and auditing suppliers to not only assess their suitability and compliance but also to help support the roll-out.

The pandemic changed all that but Get-e is nothing if not adaptable and we have established a virtual supplier audit and onboarding process that involves online and/or conference call meetings, referencing, the upload of digital copies of relevant documentation (license to operate, insurances, driver details, etc.) 

Although we might not be able to save actual lives – our Medical Assistance company customers are the experts in that field – we can take the pain away for airlines; ensuring that a quality, consistent and cost-effective service is delivered to avoid crew transportation going horribly, expensively, wrong.   

Company profile 

Get-e has positioned itself as the provider of choice for companies that are focused on a higher quality, more cost-effective, and less administrative solution for their ground transportation. Companies chose to partner with Get-e for its expertise in the global transportation market, quality transport partners, and ability to streamline operational processes for all stakeholders.

Currently, companies across the travel industry can book their rides with Get-e in 110 countries and more than 900 destinations. Get-e offers a complete cross-section of safe and secure vehicles, with the fleet offered including; Sedans, Minivans, Sprinters, and Coaches.

If you’d like to find out more about Get-e, pick up the phone to speak to one of our advisors. For a call, you can reach us 24/7 at +44 203 856 8655. For a digital approach, get in touch via our contact page

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