European Airline Crew Transportation for Ryanair

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European Airline Crew Transportation Simplified

Before, Ryanair’s operations team made the previous transport arrangements with multiple suppliers. From time to time, crew members had to handle many of their own bookings. Both groups used different methods and providers, leading to complex administrative processes. This complicated booking process grew costly.

As a result of the increasing costs, Ryanair appointed Get-e to consolidate its European Crew Transportation. Together with Get-e, their internal processes were streamlined, and the operational performance increased.

“We're used to managing suppliers in 25 countries everyday.”

European Crew Transportation vehicle

Supply management

Get-e provides an efficient management service. Opposite to market standards, we vet and audit suppliers before adding them to an airline’s supply chain. When Ryanair adds a new destination, we select a new supplier. Get-e uses suppliers from a reliable network of providers. We contract with the best local option. Watch us secure immediate bookings even within remote destinations!

Airline Crew Transportation Technology

All crew transportation bookings — centralised and customised

Ryanair implemented the Get-e portal to manage their crew transportation. After that, the Ryanair staff got a better grip on the organisation of crew transfers. Especially now all teams work with all bookings in their own preferred ZULU timezone. As a result, there is a better overview and less communication needed between stakeholders.

European Airline Crew Transportation support

“We know the support team will handle it”

After each confirmed booking, the Get-e system will inform crew members of the time and location of their pickup. 30 minutes before each booking, crew members receive a reconfirmation via an SMS notification. The message includes a GPS tracking link to follow the driver. In case of emergencies, Get-e offers 24/7 dedicated support for our European airline crew transportation. In any event, all calls and chats are answered within 15 seconds.


Simplified billing process

Say goodbye to multiple invoices in varying formats from numerous suppliers. Get-e reconciles all invoices and resolves individual issues. Ryanair receives one simple invoice from us. Hence, their administrative department saves on the time and cost of manual processing. Subsequently, they never have to handle a dispute.

Transportation Reporting

Selve serve data exports

The management information produced by Get-e provides a transparent overview of bookings, costs, and pricing. Hence, allowing for consistent data and accurate budget projections. Additionally, clients like Ryanair can now analyse on-time service performance for each destination and supplier.


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