Airline Crew Transportation Automation for CityJet

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Airline Crew Transportation Automation – CityJet Business Case

In 2018, Get-e was awarded the contract to supply CityJet’s crew transportation solution. CityJet realised the importance of automating processes such as crew communication and managing suppliers. In order to realise financial and operational benefits. Key issues include unauthorised bookings, no-shows, and the management of ad-hoc changes.

CityJet notices a major decrease in crew transportation no-shows. Crew members are now less frustrated because of automatic change detection. For last-minute roster changes, new transport is easy allocated and approved with increased operational control.

“The Get-e team exceeded ours and our crews’ expectations.”

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A managed crew transportation supply chain

Previously CityJet managed suppliers and contracts throughout Europe with significant inconsistencies in service levels. Get-e’s network team now directly manages this function resolving issues of driver no-shows, late arrivals, and changes. CityJet was also able to add a quality supply for new destinations and new contracts via Get-e’s network.

Ground Transportation technology

“We saved double digits in booking and managing our rides”

Get-e developed an integration with CityJet’s rostering system to book transfers automatically. This eliminated the need to send manual transport requests to suppliers. Changes in the roster are detected automatically by the integration and suppliers are informed.

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“Efficient and effective communication”

Communication with the crew is now much more efficient and accurate. The crew receives an SMS for each transfer and is able to log in to the Get-e portal and view their bookings. If they can not find the driver, vehicles can be located via GPS tracking. 24/7 support is available for any crew or operational issues. Contactable by phone, email, or live chat.


Time and cost savings with a single invoice

The crew logistics department has noticed that automation reduced workload. Their attention is only required during exceptional cases. This has also resulted in a noticeable decrease in costs. Administrative control has improved, as all transfers are recorded online and in one place.

Get e administration

"We now have complete visibility of our spend"

Without actionable data or accurate reporting, a large administration effort was required. Excessive time was spent identifying the source and reason for incurred costs. Get-e now produces accurate and investigable management information. With transparent data, CityJet has full visibility of unit costs, bookings, travelers, and pricing.


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