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Airline Crew Ground Transportation; 8 tips to be more effective

December 1, 2020

In the past years, we worked with many airlines to transform their airline crew ground transportation. From working with Airlines like British Airways, RyanAir and CityJet, we learned a lot.

For airlines that want to be more effective in their airline crew ground transportation, we have collected 8 tips.

1. Digitalize the crew ground transportation process

Get e portal

At this moment, we see that many airlines send emails and PDF’s with crew transfer request. From transportation companies and airlines, we hear that this way of working can lead to mistakes

For this reason, we recommend stopping the email of transport manifests. Instead of sending emails and PDF’s to supplier, we recommend uploading transfers to a system. 

At Get-e we give clients an online portal to manage and upload crew transportation. After we upload the bookings, the systems starts working and sends out the requests. Shortly after, all suppliers in possibly 900 destinations receive their orders. 

Shortly before the ride, Get-e starts to monitor your flights. In the event of a last minute change, cancel the transfer in a single mouse click without any charges. 

After the flight arrived, Get-e sends an update via SMS or Email. The airline chooses whether the crew receives the update or the OCC. The update includes all details for the ride:

  • Driver name
  • Driver number
  • Exact pick-up location
  • GPS-tracking link

Besides the technology, Get-e has a team of professionals to coordinate 24/7 all crew transportation in 110 countries.

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2. Connect with crew roster system for hands-off automation

Get e ride overview

Airlines start saving time on crew transport when connecting crew rosters to the crew transportation system. While automation and integrations sound complex, but at Get-e we have a simple solution to connect systems. 

By connecting the roster, any changes update automatically with the local transport providers. For airlines operations, this will lead to a drastic reduction in workload and costs. 

It is important to know that connecting the crew roster to the Get-e system is free of charge. In addition, it does not require any IT time from the airline. Altogether, this solution can be a great benefit for any airline.

CityJet has fully automated their crew Transfers

3. GPS track ground transportation for airline crew

airline crew ground transportation portal

GPS tracking is a safe way to get an update on the vehicle and drivers’ latest status. When GPS-tracking all vehicles, you take out any guesswork. 

When booking with Get-e, Airlines benefit from the existing Get-e driver app. All rides of Get-e are live tracked with the latest status visble in the Get-e portal. 

An additional benefit is that Get-e has a 24/7 control team in place. This control team monitors all rides based on GPS tracking. In the event that a driver runs late, the team has already called for a back-up vehicle. Of course, clients are not charged for a back-up vehicle.

On a final note, the control team is also available to coordinate with crew and OCC. So, if there is anything that needs to be done, our team is ready.

4. Keep crew members up to date

airline crew ground transportation Notification

After a crew member walks out of the plane, it is important for them to know where to go. We all know that airports can be tough to navigate through and after a long flight, you want to go to your crew hotel. 

What we see is, that it is often overlooked to share transport details with the crew. As a result, the crew can get stranded and will need to make a call to the operational control centre. Alternatively, we see that the crew has to call the local transportation provider, who might have an answering time of over 10 minutes. 

At Get-e we, therefore, have the option to inform the crew of the pickup details. When we send a message, we include driver details, pickup point and GPS-tracking. It is important to know that all contact data is safe in our systems and Get-e is compliant with all GDPR policies. As another option, we can send all details to a central email address from the airline, from where it is forwarded to the crew.

5. Renegotiate crew transportation contracts

No-one likes to have to go back to the table to renegotiate a contract with a supplier or provider. Nor does anyone want to be operating under the terms of a contract that’s not up to date for current conditions.

Unfortunately, life’s not perfect. Now and then there might be no other option but to reopen negotiations in the hope of getting a better deal.

When working with Get-e, airlines get the flexibility of pre-negotiated prices for last-minute requests. The prices for our routes are constantly updated to give Airlines the best prices. 

Scheduled routes are sourced based on an airlines individual requirements.

Access Get-e’s prices at 900 destinations here.

6. Use a Single Invoice template

Airline crew transportation has always been “difficult to get a handle on”.  Due to its fragmented nature, a multitude of suppliers and different payment methods. Even with recent advances in technology, the “days of paper taxi receipts are still not over”. 

However, at Get-e, we also see that providing airlines with their preferred invoice template saves them a lot of time on administration duties. 

7. Export all operational data in a single mouse-click

airline crew ground transportation export

We all know that data certainly gives more insight into any potential issues. Whether there any destinations where pick-up is not going as scheduled or if there is a city where the costs are higher than expected. As a crew transportation manager, you want to be able to spotlight the issues. With the Get-e system, it, therefore, takes one mouse-click to export your data. 

So you can quickly transfer large amounts of ride information between GET-E and your own systems.

In other words, a specially formatted spreadsheet is available to import or export data. In addition, users export CSV (comma-separated value) and excel files to perform this kind of bulk task.

8. How to assure COVID safe airline crew ground transportation?

Covid safe airline crew ground transportation

Every country has different airline crew ground transportation regulations and informing with your local supplier what are the latest standards will assure you of a safe airport transfer. 

Get-e has a team in place to monitor COVID protocols per destination. For a general impression of the latest protocols, download the document below.

The latest Covid protocols

How can Get-e help Airlines with crew transportation services?

Office overview for media

Get-e is the provider of choice for airlines that are focused on a higher quality, more cost-effective, and less administrative solution for crew transportation.

Currently, Airlines like British Airways, Iberia, RyanAir, SmartLynx, CityJet and Avion Express use Get-e technology for their transportation. Airlines can book a complete cross-section of safe and secure vehicles for their crew transportation. The fleet includes; Sedans, minivans, Sprinters and Coaches.

Airlines can create a free account to book transfers with Get-e.

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