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Stranded airline passengers: what do airlines need to know with regard to transportation?

September 13, 2021

Flying is a great way to visit family or travel to exotic holiday destinations. Unfortunately, delays and cancellations are often an inescapable part of air travel. These are often made worse if a trip involves multiple flights and results in missed connections and stranded airline passengers.

Depending on the destination and flights involved, there may only be a single or small handful of passengers involved. However, according to, airlines are canceling a record number of flights across the US this year and reports some countries in Europe have endured a record number of flight disruptions in 2021. This has resulted in more passengers becoming stranded than ever before. 

Whether the stranded passenger is delayed due to severe weather, staffing shortages or missed connections is almost irrelevant. The question remains the same – how should airlines help stranded passengers reach their final destination?

Airline obligations to stranded airline passengers

Airlines have certain obligations to provide passenger care to anyone affected by delays or cancellations whether it’s a single traveler or an entire plane of passengers. At a simple level, this may only involve refreshments, but it could also mean providing hotel accommodation and transport.

It is unlikely that operations teams have the time or capacity to organise this for individual stranded passengers. But it is vital to the reputation of the airline that these customers still receive the utmost care and attention.

Disruption management solution

Get-e’s disruption management solution can revolutionise the way airlines resolve these complexities. The web-based platform enables flight operations teams to quickly and efficiently source and book transport and accommodation for any number of stranded passengers.

Information and communication to stranded airline passengers

As with any form of airline disruption, continuous communication with passengers is key. It is vital to keep stranded passengers informed and advise them on steps being taken by the airline to solve the problem. This will help increase customer loyalty and improve the passenger’s experience.

The technology used by Get-e’s disruption management solution is also able to provide push notifications to passengers. Travelers can be kept updated about details of their onward journey through the airline’s app.

The importance of managing reputation

Disruptions can be complex with huge potential costs for an airline, both monetary and reputationally. Improving customer experience is key at a time when the crippling effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are still being felt. A report by Brand Finance stated that the world’s top airlines have lost over $35 billion in brand value over the past year. 

As Ruthy Muñoz, a reporter for travel, airline and hotel news website Skift says, ‘Gaining the public’s trust through reliability, transparency and inclusiveness will go a long way towards improving an airline’s reputation brand value’.

If an airline’s customer is stranded, transporting the passenger to their planned destination quickly and efficiently is vital. This not only meets regulatory requirements but ensures passenger satisfaction. 

The disruption management technology from Get-e saves airlines money in terms of administration time and possible compensation. It also simplifies the process and provides an instant resolution ensuring passengers leave with a positive view of the airline, even if there is disruption. 

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