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How does the Get-e Driver app makes travelling abroad easier?

November 17, 2022

Make travelling abroad easier with the Get-e Driver app! When travelling abroad, managing ground transportation to and from the airport can become complicated, particularly in the case of unforeseen delays. Digitalisation has become the way forward for bookers, travel managers and passengers to monitor their rides. Digitalisation saves operators valuable time, and we have also found it saves a significant amount on costs. 

Our’ Get-e Driver’ app, available on Apple and Android, provides stakeholders with a singular platform to track drivers and save the administrative hassle. For the management of transportation for airline crewbusiness travel and non-emergency medical transfers, ‘Get-e Driver’ increases the control operators have over their ground transportation operations and simplifies transfers. The application oversees all touchpoints, from pre-ride to mid-ride and post-ride. 

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Benefits to clients across all touchpoints

  1. Pre-ride. The application sends drivers a notification with a 30-minute reminder and details of the meeting point. A similar email is sent to bookers and travel managers. A similar email is sent to bookers and travel managers. Passengers receive an SMS and email pre-ride. providing our passengers with a GPS tracking link to monitor when their driver arrives at the meeting point. The Get-e operations control centre, based at our Amsterdam HQ, also monitors the ride status. Suppose the team spot inactivity or a designated driver has become stuck in traffic. In that case, an alternative driver is automatically dispatched, and passengers are notified when the new ride will reach their destination. During the pre-ride stage, riders can also add in any special requests via the booking platform, such as additional luggage space.
  2. Mid-ride. Upon arriving at the meeting point, drivers display a ‘meet and greet sign for the passenger. As soon as the journey begins, the ride is GPS tracked by station managers. Our Get-e portal provides live journey information and sends updates of the ride to all parties.
  3. Post-ride. Once the journey has been completed, the system collects all ride details to provide performance dashboard check-ups. We also ask passengers and managers to share feedback on their experience to ensure the highest quality and care is delivered to our customers.
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How can Get-e Driver app benefit all stakeholders?

Communication is a fundamental element of simplifying travel abroad. For example, if a driver is met with unforeseen delays, passengers and travel managers may be unable to obtain their whereabouts. This could result in late arrival at the airport, with a knock-on effect on airline operations. 

To tackle this problem, Get-e’s Driver app ensures that communication between the driver and all parties is constantly maintained. Through GPS tracking, passengers have a frictionless journey, which avoids leaving them waiting for transportation and bridges the communication gap. 

As well as managing all transfers via an app, carriers using Get-e benefit from receiving a single invoice each month plus complete visibility of costs, trips, travellers and pricing. Alongside cutting crew transfer costs, afforded by our global reputation, crew managers and finance departments can significantly reduce their administration time using our Get-e Driver app. Additionally, our multi-lingual customer service team is available 24/7 to provide assistance, advice and reassurance from our headquarters. 

Company profile

Get-e is the transport services partner for airlines, assistive travel, and business travellers worldwide. Get-e offers customers a technology-driven ground transport booking and management service with 24/7 expert support from its headquarters in Amsterdam.

Significantly reducing administration costs and time for customers with its vetted supply of service providers in more than 110 countries and 900 airports worldwide, Get-e eliminates the need to source direct suppliers in each destination. The company utilises the latest technology, including GPS tracking and integrated mobile and web applications, to automate the ground transfer booking process and provide real-time information on all journeys.

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