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Get-e cuts costs for procurement teams as a transportation specialist

January 31, 2023

How does Get-e cuts costs for procurement teams?

The vast majority (81%) of procurement teams are under pressure to tackle challenges such as inflation. This means procurement departments must ensure they get maximum value when paying for products or services. This applies whether these teams work for hotels, airlines or large corporations. 

As a transportation specialist, Get-e can cut costs for procurement teams by using its extensive network to simplify transport bookings. Get-e spares procurement teams administrative hassle and offers economy of scale. This includes negotiating the most competitive market rates and supporting procurement teams in containing costs. 

How Get-e supports procurement teams?

  • Get-e is free to use, and its research shows that customers experience significant savings in crew transfer costs. This ensures procurement teams can rise to the challenges they face by demonstrating their ability to contain costs.
  • Alongside cutting costs for procurement teams, Get-e presents all pricing within a single platform. This allows procurement departments to track their spending easily.
  • Get-e provides a comprehensive service that extends to negotiating hotel deals on behalf of customers. This enables procurement teams to deal with fewer invoices and further contain costs through Get-e’s economy of scale.
  • Get-e is available in multiple international markets, saving procurement teams from the administrative hassle of dealing with multiple transportation suppliers. 

Offering standardisation and simplicity, Get-e has been designed to make life easier for procurement teams. Equally, Get-e works with multiple suppliers per destination, giving reassurance that they are investing in the most reliable and cost-effective option on the market. 

Get-e also analyses invoices, ensures all costs are in line with agreements and matches correct flight numbers. This offers further peace of mind and saves administrative headaches. 

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How Get-e addresses procurement team challenges at hotels?

  • Get-e manages transportation internationally. This allows for more efficient procurement by freeing up teams at global hotel chains, who would otherwise need to interact with multiple transport providers to manage guests’ arrival/departure transport.
  • Get-e’s extensive network of customers helps hotels remain at higher occupancy levels, allowing procurement teams to demonstrate a significant return on their investment. 
  • Get-e’s 24-7 operations centre is on hand to respond to guests’ transport queries, removing this administrative hassle from hotel managers. As a result, procurement teams can point out how their investment in Get-e’s services frees up time for other team members. 
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At a time when hotels are forecasted to increase rates due to financial pressures, Get-e has a vital role to play. It can help hotels boost efficiency, occupancy and cost-effectiveness without imposing cost increases on consumers. 

Ultimately, whether teams are based within airlines, hotels or other businesses, Get-e offers the expertise and scale to help procurement maximise efficiency and minimise costs. 

Company profile

Get-e is the transport services partner for airlines, assistive travel, and business travellers worldwide. Get-e offers customers a technology-driven ground transport booking and management service with 24/7 expert support from its headquarters in Amsterdam.
Significantly reducing administration costs and time for customers with its vetted supply of service providers in more than 110 countries and 900 airports worldwide, Get-e eliminates the need to source direct suppliers in each destination. The company utilises the latest technology, including GPS tracking and integrated mobile and web applications, to automate the ground transfer booking process and provide real-time information on all journeys.

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