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How does Get-e hotel project complements its ground transportation services?

February 23, 2023

Last year, American Airlines reported difficulties in locating hotels for airline crew. This resulted from challenges in identifying crew accommodation that matched teams’ requirements, including noise levels and space available. 

These challenges aren’t unique to American Airlines. The good news is that Get-e is continually expanding its offering as a transportation specialist, including the recent launch of a dedicated hotel project. This simplified hotel solution involves Get-e working with hotels to accommodate airline crew. 

This recent project removes the burden of finding accommodation from airlines’ operations teams while helping hotels to boost occupancy rates. 

How Get-e’s hotel project benefits airlines?

  • Get-e has a network of hotel suppliers. It can draw upon this to ensure accommodation meets the precise specifications of the airline. 
  • Get-e benefits from economy of scale, meaning it can provide high-quality accommodation to airlines at competitive rates.
  • All costs are presented within two simple platforms, alleviating the administrative burden of tracking spending.
  • Get-e acts as an all-in-one hotel and transportation supplier. As a ‘one-stop-shop’, Get-e ensures airlines avoid dealing with multiple suppliers in different countries.

With airlines struggling to find suitable accommodation for their crew, Get-e can deliver. Get-e’s network of hotels accommodates large teams while offering secure, quiet rooms to ensure airline crew return to work refreshed.

Get-e’s hotel project also allows airlines to benefit from simplicity and convenience. Airlines can deal with just one provider to get crew to and from the airport and arrange their accommodation.

How Get-e’s hotel project benefits hotels?

  • Because Get-e works with an extensive network of airlines, its platform can direct many guests to its hotel partners. This helps hotels stay closer to full occupancy and remain profitable.
  • Get-e’s 24-7 operations centre is on hand to respond to guests’ transport queries, removing this burden from hotel managers. This, in turn, enables hotel managers to focus on improving their overall guest experience. As a result, hotels can enhance their reputation and encourage increased repeat bookings.   

With hotels forecasted to increase their rates due to financial pressures, Get-e has an important role. It can help hotels boost efficiency, occupancy and cost-effectiveness without imposing cost increases on consumers.

Ultimately, Get-e’s new offering is a true win-win for both hotels and airlines, offering financial benefits to both parties.

Company profile

Get-e is the transport services partner for airlines, assistive travel, and business travellers worldwide. Get-e offers customers a technology-driven ground transport booking and management service with 24/7 expert support from its headquarters in Amsterdam.
Significantly reducing administration costs and time for customers with its vetted supply of service providers in more than 110 countries and 900 airports worldwide, Get-e eliminates the need to source direct suppliers in each destination. The company utilises the latest technology, including GPS tracking and integrated mobile and web applications, to automate the ground transfer booking process and provide real-time information on all journeys.

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