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The importance of ground transportation for airlines when selecting new destinations

October 22, 2021

Following months of Covid-19 travel restrictions, the transatlantic market is opening, and many airlines are looking into potential new routes. Virgin Atlantic has already announced new flights to the Caribbean. Norse Airlines, the new carrier aiming to fill the gap left by Norwegian Air, has confirmed its first US destinations. 

However, to remain dynamic and competitive, airlines must first consider whether it is worthwhile adding a new destination to their network. According to Sabre, there are four key elements before deciding whether it is beneficial to add the route: 

  • Profitability
  • Demand
  • Aircraft availability
  • Competitors

Importance of infrastructure at a new destination

All are of equal importance, but one thing often overlooked is the existing infrastructure at the destination. Does the new location have the facilities and services available to ensure the smooth transportation of both crew and passengers upon arrival? 

This is vital not only to the safety and security of airline crew but, without the right systems in place it can create a huge administrative burden to airline operations teams.

Get-e can offer crucial support. It provides ground transportation solutions for airlines for smooth, reliable crew and passenger transfers. As a result, airline operators can source, book and manage journeys in one place. 

Cost and reputation of ground transportation for airlines

Get-e’s internal data and research has found that the platform can save airlines up to 13% on crew transfer costs. This is before taking into account the large costs involved in the set-up of logistics and infrastructure required at new destinations.

Crew arriving late at the airport can result in delayed take-off, dissatisfied passengers, and financial loss for airlines. This is something for airlines to avoid at all costs especially when trying to establish themselves in a new market.

Reliable ground transportation for airlines

Get-e only sources vetted and trusted transport providers. It visits suppliers before adding them to the network to ensure they can be relied upon to provide a first-class service 100% of the time. In addition, all suppliers are audited annually, customer surveys are regularly carried out and any necessary licenses and insurances are continually checked. 

Get-e has also implemented ‘safe travel’ protocols in conjunction with its transport partners. Strict hygiene and safety standards have been applied throughout the network which has given Get-e the WTTC #SafeTravels stamp of approval. 

Hotel accommodation for airline crew

Get-e also offers an integrated hotel service that allows airlines to book crew accommodation with their transport. The online system sources the best accommodation options negotiates rates and terms and ensures comprehensive airline health and safety standards are met. The global presence of Get-e means that costs are often reduced and it significantly reduces the time airline operations teams spend on managing crew.

Disruption management for airline passengers

Get-e’s disruption management solution manages the process of finding alternative transport, accommodation, and catering for delayed or displaced passengers. Something that can be more difficult and time-consuming for airlines to manage in new locations. 

Get-e recognises that one size does not fit all when it comes to the services required by airlines. This is especially true when trying to establish themselves in a new location. There is often additional work and costs involved which can prevent staff from focussing on their primary roles and responsibilities. Our team removes this burden and allows airlines to concentrate on what they do best and grow their business in the new market. 

Company profile

Get-e has positioned itself as the provider of choice for companies that are focused on a higher quality, more cost-effective, and less administrative solution for their ground transportation. Companies chose to partner with Get-e for its expertise in the global transportation market, quality transport partners, and ability to streamline operational processes for all stakeholders.

Currently, companies across the travel industry can book their rides with Get-e in 110 countries and more than 900 destinations. Get-e offers a complete cross-section of safe and secure vehicles, with the fleet offered including; Sedans, Minivans, Sprinters, and Coaches.

If you’d like to find out more about Get-e, pick up the phone to speak to one of our advisors at +44 203 856 8655, or if you prefer the digital approach, get in touch via our contact page

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