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How Get-e’s assistance travel offering supports travellers during the ski season

February 17, 2023

How Get-e’s assistance travel offering supports travellers during the ski season?

Climate change has caused significant disruption at ski resorts, with slopes across Europe closed and dangerous conditions increasing injuries. Austria’s Tyrol Hospital has reported a higher number of serious injuries than usual for this time of the season. This is echoed by air ambulance service SOS International, which recently recorded more ski injuries in Austria than any other country. Some 32% of skiing injuries were reported in Austria, followed by Italy (26%) and France (20%). Meanwhile, in some Swiss resorts, a combination of skiing accidents and Covid cases have placed a strain on emergency rooms. 

Against this backdrop, Get-e’s expertise in assisted travel and ski season transport has become vital. As a B2B partner for non-emergency medical transportation, our approach ensures travellers can receive timely medical treatment, even if they are injured in a remote location on the slopes. 

Key elements that differentiate our assistance travel offering include

Extensive experience 

Get-e has a long track record of getting people to their nearest hospital or medical facility from hard-to-reach locations. We can also provide doctor and nurse transportation if required. Through our experience, we recognise there is no one-size-fits-all with assistance travel. As a result, we are prepared to adapt to meet the requirements of each case. 

Vetted, local suppliers 

Get-e extensively vets all transportation partners and ensures our suppliers are local to key ski regions. This reduces the transfer time and avoids extensive delays caused by unpredictable weather. 

Our vetted suppliers have suitable vehicles for the terrain and are highly experienced in transporting passengers with various injuries.

Careful monitoring 

For added peace of mind, we provide round-the-clock support and proactively monitor every booking. This means a team of dedicated specialists is available to provide multilingual 24/7/365 assistance. Our team can be reached via telephone, email or online chat whenever issues arise. 

Passengers can also feel reassured that we use GPS tracking to track all rides. This includes monitoring the arrival of transport as well as the entire duration of the journey. 

Multiple transport methods 

Get-e collaborates with a broad mixture of ground transportation providers and air ambulance businesses. Travellers can therefore receive the treatment they require no matter how remote the location where they sustain their injury. 

Air ambulances can prove vital, depending on the nature of someone’s injury. Injuries involving a plaster cast, stretchers or crutches will often require specific transport. There is little room for casts and crutches on scheduled flights, while medical professionals may advise against car trips with these injuries. Get-e is well-prepared to provide transportation in these circumstances. 

Additional assistance on hand

Get-e allows additional assistance to be requested during the booking process. This includes requests for drivers to assist passengers with getting to the hospital waiting room. Equally, our drivers can meet passengers inside the hospital waiting room and help them to their vehicles. This gives travellers confidence that they will receive the support they need if injured. 

Prepared for peak times 

Get-e understands and prepares for the possibility of increased demand during the peak period of the ski season. Get-e has engaged with multiple suppliers who will remain on standby to cover the six-week peak. 

Ultimately, when it comes to assisted travel and transport from remote locations, Get-e’s experience and network reliably facilitate timely medical treatment.

Learn more about our assistance travel service here: Non-emergency medical transportation – for business | Get-e

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