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How does Get-e provide flexibility for airline crew transfers?

August 10, 2022

Flexible airline crew transfers are essential to efficient ground transport operations. 

This is particularly true in 2022, which may go down in history as the perfect storm for airlines. Flight cancellations, crew shortages, and ongoing Covid-19 restrictions affected schedules. Disruption appears on every front. For crew transfers, it can mean delayed flights or crew members being stuck in unknown destinations, searching in vain for a driver. In some cases, unexpected issues can mean the planned transfer is no longer suitable. Fortunately, as an airline crew transportation specialist, Get-e is always prepared to accommodate travel disruptions and ad-hoc situations. Smooth and seamless airline crew management is built-in into our DNA. 

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In which situations can Get-e provide flexibility?

  1. Flight diversion. Get-e has a full disruption management service to transfer crew and passengers should a diversion occur. To do this, Get-e receives real-time airline data. In the case of a diverted flight, we can immediately plan to meet the crew and passengers at the alternative airport.
  2. There is traffic delaying the journey. Get-e tracks all rides, and if the team spots inactivity or a designated driver has become trapped in traffic, we can find a replacement quickly. 
  3. The crew has excess luggage. Get-e will adapt to the transfer needs when additional luggage must be transported.
  4. You need a cross-border transfer. Get-e has experience in navigating cross-border journeys due to Covid restrictions and can advise on steps to be taken.
  5. Your existing transfer provider has let you down. Get-e will step in to provide transport when you are unable to use your incumbent suppliers. Examples include suppliers going out of business or concentrating on non-crew transfer work due to post-COVID demand outstripping supply.
  6. A crew member’s family needs transporting too. In these rare instances, Get-e can manage the transfers of family-members.
  7. You need a last-minute or ad hoc transfer. Get-e can source additional vehicles to support such events. This could include non-scheduled charter or other flights, for example, extra flights for the F1 Grand Prix. 

How is Get-e able to offer crew transfer flexibility?

In every case, Get-e has a solution to get airline crew from A to B as simply and as safely as possible. 

  • Get-e has access to real-time flight data, meaning that in the case of a flight delay or diversion, we receive an alert and find a solution while the aircraft is still in the air.
  • GPS tracking for all rides.
  • Our multi-lingual customer service team is available 24/7 to provide assistance, advice, and reassurance.
  • And because nothing goes right 100% of the time, we mitigate operational risks by engaging multiple suppliers in every destination. Provide backup in case the service your preferred supplier fails.
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Accessible via a digital dashboard available on the phone, tablet, and PC, Get-e can integrate with airlines’ systems. This means we offer real-time visibility of both flight and driver information. The increased efficiency of each process ensures that the crew gets to the airport on time, with reduced touchpoints, preventing delayed departures. 

Adapting to new situations and last-minute requests makes working with a ground transportation partner a clear choice for airlines. As a bonus, Get-e is free to use, and our research shows that airlines who use us experience a 13% saving in their crew transfer costs.  

Company profile

Get-e is the transport services partner for airlines, assistive travel, and business travelers worldwide. Get-e offers customers a technology-driven ground transport booking and management service with 24/7 expert support from its headquarters in Amsterdam.

Significantly reducing administration costs and time for customers with its vetted supply of service providers in more than 110 countries and 900 airports worldwide, Get-e eliminates the need to source direct suppliers in each destination. The company utilises the latest technology, including GPS tracking, and integrated mobile and web applications to automate the ground transfer booking process and provide real-time information on all journeys.

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