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How can GET-E make the difference for your customers?

The GET-E Network is available in more than 110 countries and at over 600 destinations. All our suppliers are fully licensed and insured; with a full choice of vehicle categories from Electric and Standard Saloon to Executive and Minivan.

24/7 Support
Our multi-lingual, service support team is highly valued by our clients and is available 24/7, to provide expertise and assistance to you and your customers.
There are no hidden surprises with GET-E! The all-inclusive price is confirmed when you book, with passengers receiving instant booking notifications.
Transfers from airports and international rail terminals include driver meet and greet. The driver will guide the passenger from the meeting point to the vehicle.
GET-E provides automated flight monitoring for all airport pick-ups or drop-offs, the pick-up time of the ride will be adjusted at without any additional charges

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Automated travel planning

GET-E’s smart booking system accounts for traffic flow and delays and calculates the ideal pickup time for the passenger. Customers and passengers are kept updated of any changes in booking status via real time tracking and SMS notifications.

Available in the GDS

Besides having our own booking portal, GET-E is fully integrated with Amadeus and Travelport. In addition, we also have an open API enabling direct integration with any in-house booking system. This provides for a seamless booking process from your system to GET-E’s platform.

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