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GET-E’s zero emission transfer services

June 6, 2018 Daisy 0 Comment

GET-E have grown steadily since their launch and now cover over 486 destinations worldwide. New destinations are being added all the time and you can already use GET-E’s unique zero-emission airport transfer vehicles at over a hundred airports. By increasing the availability of electric vehicles, GET-E will establish a large network of environmentally-friendly passenger transportation. GET-E are playing a leading role in enabling easy, online reservations for sustainable airport transfers, worldwide.


It is worth noting that GET-E’s prices are very competitive, but the rates alone don’t tell the whole story. GET-E are pretty unique because their ground transfers include many features that others charge extra for. For example, its common practice in the industry to charge the passenger an additional fee for meet & greet at the airport pick-up. Needless to say, GET-E do not charge extra for this essential service, which makes their already competitive rates even better. GET-E will provide a quality service to you or your clients and the excellent service levels and vehicle specifications reflect this.

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