Ahrend de Kruijf, Author at GET-E

Business travel has substantially increased over the past few decades, in 2016 worldwide $1.2 trillion was spent on business travel, to provide some perspective in

Ahrend de Kruijf June 21, 2018

You can now book your Business Transfer with GET-E in London and experience the new fully-electric Jaguar I-PACE.   From now on, it’s also possible

Ahrend de Kruijf June 13, 2018

GET-E have grown steadily since their launch and now cover over 486 destinations worldwide. New destinations are being added all the time and you can

Ahrend de Kruijf June 6, 2018


The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve and disrupt businesses, however, our number one priority at GET-E is the safety of our staff, customers and our supply partners and their drivers. We are continuing to follow the advice of governmental and local authorities and are actively monitoring country by country situations, in close cooperation with our local supply partners. Contact us for more Information.