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Crew Transfers

We offer a diverse range of transportation services for Airlines. One centralised platform to manage and book all transfers.

Airport to Airport Transfers

GET-E offers airline the possibility to book crew transfers between different airports. Fixed prices with high-quality service.

Airport to Hotel Transfers

All your planned crew transfers can be booked automated or manual in the portal. You can change the booking at any moment.

Ad-Hoc Transfers

At GET-E, we understand the dynamics of airports and that schedules change all the time. Our clients praise our team for their flexible approach.

What do we offer you?

Automated invoicing

Nobody wants to spend time on unnecessary administrative duties. We offer fully automated invoicing for the most efficient administrative processes.

24/7 Support

GET-E has a dedicated support team in the HQ in Amsterdam. Our team is 24/7 monitoring and supporting every ride and all flights.

Network Management

GET-E offer onboarding of your current partners. Not satisfied with your existing partners? You can use selected partners from our reliable network.

Tailor-made Integrations

Our in-house IT team does not work with just one solution. Every business has their preferred way of working, and we adapt to that.

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Our Products

Portal Login

GET-E provides airlines with a global solution for managing all crew transfers via the GET-E booking platform, which includes the following features: 

  • Access to our central booking system via our online booking portal
  • Option for automated bookings and changes based on crew rosters via system integration
  • Sourcing, vetting and auditing your local suppliers, guaranteeing quality, safety and security.
  • Multilingual 24/7/365 dedicated support team.
  • Change from multiple supplier contracts, billing cycles & currencies to a single agreement and centralised billing for all crew transportation in your network.
  • Uniquely in our industry, we audit and visit our suppliers, guaranteeing the quality, safety and security.

API Integration with your crew rostering software

Optionally, we integrate our two booking systems via API, which would enable a fully automated booking and change process based on your crew rosters. Our integrated solution decreases the risk of wrongly booked vehicles, which will lead to an overall cost reduction. GET-E can easily integrate with airline software. Our integrations include:

  • Sabre
  • AIMS
  • Netline
  • Raido

The software integration does require some installation of the API from our side. We set-up a secure communication protocol to connect different software systems. GET-E has it’s own in-house IT team, we can move quickly to integration once we agree on the partnership terms & conditions.

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The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve and disrupt businesses, however, our number one priority at GET-E is the safety of our staff, customers and our supply partners and their drivers. We are continuing to follow the advice of governmental and local authorities and are actively monitoring country by country situations, in close cooperation with our local supply partners. Contact us for more Information.