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Crew Transfers

We offer a diverse range of transportation services for Airlines. One centralized platform to manage and book all transfers.

Airport to Airport Transfers

GET-E offers airline the possibility to book crew transfers between different airports. Fixed prices with high-quality service.

Airport to Hotel Transfers

All your planned crew transfers can be booked automated or manual in the portal. Changes in the bookings can be made at any moment.

Ad-Hoc Transfers

At GET-E we understand the dynamics airports and that schedules change all the time. Our team is praised for their flexible approach by many of our clients.

What do we offer you?

Automated invoicing

Nobody wants to spend time on unnecessary administrative duties. We offer fully automated invoicing for the most efficient administrative processes.

24/7 Support

GET-E has a dedicated support team in the HQ in Amsterdam. Our team is 24/7 monitoring and supporting every ride and all flights.

Network Management

GET-E offer onboarding of your current partners. Not satisfied with your current partners? You can use selected partners from our reliable network.

Tailor-made Integrations

Our in-house IT team does not work with just one solution. Every business has their own preferred way of working and we adapt to that.

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Our Products

Portal Login

The portal is the quickest solution to book transfers for the crew.  The key features of the booking portal save valuable time and money. Access to the reservation platform is possible via the secured login on the GET-E website. You can easily add a GET-E airport transfer to a flight and/or hotel booking via the GET-E portal. 

In the portal, bookings can easily be monitored and changed. You can create sub-accounts for your different departments and employees. Overviews and historical data can be exported from the portal to other systems, like Excel for example.

Our OnBoarding team provides a 30-minute training to your booking team.


Ideally, we would integrate our two booking systems via API, which would enable a fully automated booking process from your system to GET-E’s platform.

We offer our Airlines API integrations with their crew rostering systems like e.g. Sabre, which allows a fully automated and highly efficient booking process. Our integrated solution decreases the risk of wrongly booked vehicles, which will lead to an overall cost reduction.

This does require some installation of the API, a secure communication protocol to connect different software systems. GET-E has it’s own in-house IT team, we can move quickly to integration once the partnership terms & conditions have been agreed.

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