Airline crew transportation system

A system tailored for airlines to manage their crew transportation

Airlines notice the difference the Get-e booking portal makes. The transfer process is more simple. We control last-minute changes and cancellations.

Easy to use


Integrating airlines’ rostering systems eases the booking process.

System integrations


Airlines have an easy-to-use dashboard. One place with all the needed information.

Airline crew transportation safety


Our portal is secured with GDPR requirements. Airlines information is safe with us.

Get-e Technology
System Integration

Airlines can choose to connect their internal systems with us

Our system has aviation features that make the transfer process easier. Airlines no longer have to calculate different time zones as they can select their preferred location.

Get-e Driver Application

Stay up to date with all the necessary information

The system informs airlines of the information required. Emails or SMS are directly sent to station managers. The Get-e Driver Application helps track drivers via GPS, showing the driver’s details and custom pick-up descriptions. The airline crew, the booker, and OCC are notified.’

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Get-e Booking Portal

All information about crew transportation in a single platform

Airlines have one central portal to manage their transport requirements. The Get-e portal eases the process for crew transfers and allows last-minute changes, ad-hocs, and cancellations.

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Our most frequently asked questions

Yes. The majority of our supply network uses the Get-e driver application with the ability to provide in-ride, journey status updates.

Yes. Contact us for more information about our GDPR privacy statement.

Yes. The admin users can add users, change user roles and see all bookings.

Yes. Contact us to know more about the Get-e Cyber & Privacy Infosheet.

Get-e‘s system is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) which allows for business continuity via remote working for our operations team and uninterrupted use of our online booking portal for customers.

You can add special requests such as additional assistance or child seats in the booking process through our booking portal. 

Yes. It is also possible to add additional administrational fields for the booker to fill in.

Yes. We provide white-label options.

As an admin user, you can set roles per user. One option is to give users the option to not see each other’s bookings.

Our booking platform does not currently have a ‘via’ function enabled. However, intermediate stops/pick-ups can be added to the booking request. With the price updated via email. Special requests like this can be included in the booking process. This is also described in Step 4 of the Get-e portal manual

Yes. The Get-e systems can be set up in any preferred time zones.

It is quick and easy to set up an account with Get-e. Once a simple account opening form is completed, your account will be activated. The Get-e booking platform is easy to use and requires no training. Multiple users can be added to the account, user instructions will be sent with log-ins, and you can start making bookings immediately.

The passenger and/or booker will be notified by email of their ride confirmation. Additionally, an SMS will be sent to the passenger with all information about their ride 30 mins before pick-up. There is also an option to log on to the Get-e portal to view all associated bookings and track their vehicle.

Get-e integrates with any airline rostering systems that have an API available. If there is no API available, custom integration is possible. We currently integrate with Sabre, AvioLinx, and Lufthansa Systems. Get-e is integrated with apps, operational systems, and administration software. Contact us to know more about our API Integration service.


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