Our Company

GET-E is revolutionizing door-to-door travel with our booking platform for electric airport transfers. No more hassle waiting in line or questioning the reliability of your taxi. We are offering a unique service that will be accessible to all travelers. What used to be considered VIP will be available today with regular prices!

What we do

Electric Cars

Door-to-door travel

Global distribution

Guaranteed pick-up

Working towards a sustainable society asks more from us than only good intentions. Replacing fossil fueled cars by 100% electric cars worldwide will reduce CO2 emissions considerably. The use of 100% electric taxis will contribute substantially to this goal.

Working together with you in an International Network of 100% zero emission taxis we will contribute to a more sustainable world, making each day count!

Career Opportunities

We are always looking for ambitious people to join our team. We are mainly looking for IT and Sales starters or professionals.

Send your application to welcome@get-e.com.