Electric Mobility

Are you working on a more sustainable future or smart systems to improve electric mobility? Join us! Together with our partners we are testing and implementing this knowledge across the world.


  • Cities
  • Universities
  • Sustainability Networks
  • Airports
  • Car manufacturers

What we do

Working towards a sustainable society asks more from us than only good intentions. Replacing fossil fueled cars by 100% electric cars worldwide, will reduce co2 emissions considerable. The use of 100% electric taxis will contribute substantially to this goal. Working together with you in an International network of 100% electric and zero emission taxis, we will contributing to a more sustainable world, making each day count!

Join our network and contact us on: welcome@get-e.com

Fleet Transformation Services

To guide a smooth transition from current car fleets to using 100% elelctric cars we offer Fleet Transformations Services through our partners. Together we'll carefully select what cars and charging infrastructure are best for your company. GET-E finds it vital to ensure a succesful implementation, that is why our partners will always be available for local support.

    5 Steps:

  • Contact us on community@get-e.com
  • Determining potential for electric vehicles
  • Customized fleet utilisation and charging plan
  • Cost analysis to set Total Cost of Ownership
  • Getting to it, implementing the transformation